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Component classification
Component classification

Body assembly

Body assembly:The body uses QT500-7, a high rigidity bed and excellent production performance.

Multi-station cold heading machine is a high-efficiency, fully automatic professional mechanical equipment in metal cold extrusion molding machinery. Its superior cold heading molding process and advanced processing characteristics make it widely used in various national economy. field.
Multi-medium multi-tool specifications to achieve the best conditions for one-shot molding
Highly rigid basic construction provides stable and reliable cold head forming
Advanced automation configurations help industries increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Slider unit

Male die slider(Image 6)
The slider male mold design realizes the synchronization of the punch and the workpiece to meet the processing of various shaped products. Compact and equipped with a “anti-vandal” insurance mechanism. The mechanism is easy to assemble, and the ejection force is strong and easy to adjust. When the current punching rod pushes the blank into the mold, the adsorption force is too strong, causing the front punching rod to take the blank out of the mold. The male mold slider can just solve this problem. When the slider is retracted, the thimble on the slider remains unmoved for a period of time, so that the blank is not absorbed by the punch.

The eccentric sleeve is used to mount the front punch, while the front punch (111-119) is used to install the front punch. The eccentric tile can be used to fine-tune the position of the front punch (eccentric adjustment screw adjustment), the clamp is used Press the eccentric sleeve to prevent the eccentric sleeve from moving (fixed screw adjustment).
(Slider Figure 2)

Slider unit(Slider Figure 1)The common slider material uses HT350, which has excellent shock absorption, wear resistance and cutting processability. The slider design adopts T-shaped design, which makes the operation more stable, and is more conducive to the processing of high precision and complex shape products. The oil groove design at the joint with the slider allows the slider to slide on the side plate for smoother lubrication. The slider side plate adopts an adjustable design. After a long period of operation, the gap between the slider and the side plate is inevitably worn ( The gap is increased. At this time, the adjusting side plate adjustment screw can adjust the gap very well. The basic model (6S) die holder can hold 6 punch rods, but according to the product process arrangement, the required number of machines is also Different, the impact link is divided into bearing type and copper type, and the bearing type adopts SKF bearing.(Figure 4)High-quality bearings have low frictional resistance, sufficient lubrication, high-speed and flexible operation of the equipment, stable and long-lasting product accuracy, and comprehensive performance, but the bearings are damaged and the replacement cost is high. The copper tile adopts the sliding bearing copper tile, which has large impact bearing force, long service life and low maintenance cost.(Figure 5)

Cutting part

Cutting part:The shearing system is a vital component. The shearing system uses a guide plate to drive the arbor. The guide plate reciprocates and the cutting force is transmitted linearly. The force is large and stable and the balance is added.



The entire knife box design is very clever, the inner knife is installed in the knife box, and the inner knife is welded with tungsten steel. During the whole process of cutting, after the material is cut by tungsten steel, the spring clip will clamp the material, and then the arbor continues to feed the material forward, and the spring clip will be more tightly clamped, the whole process The blank that is guaranteed to be cut does not fall.



The arbor is reciprocating on the S plate, while the S plate is a vital part that controls the cutting time and the topping time. The insert is mainly used as the shank of the arbor. If it is worn for a long time, it is time-saving and easy to replace. The partial slider cover is used as the slide of the partial slider. After several years of work, it will inevitably wear out, which may cause the tool to be inaccurate. At this time, the other two faces of the partial slider cover can be solved well. problem. (See the operation manual for details)



Feeding unit

Feeding unit:Various gears, shafts, bearings and feed wheels are assembled in the feeding box. The complicated assembly process makes the feeding system of the cold heading machine very stable. The adjustment of the feeding parts can adjust the length of the cutting material, which is very convenient. , ratchet mechanism, coordinated and orderly, the gear is specially treated, the transmission precision is high, the wear resistance is strong, and the service life is high.



Crankshaft component

Crankshaft component:The crankshaft is the main important transmission power shaft, and its quality determines the quality of the machine. Each of our processes is very strict. The eccentricity of the crankshaft determines the stroke of the slider. The travel time of all subsystems is around the travel time of the crankshaft slider. The bearings are made of SKF bearings imported from Sweden, and the high-quality bearings make the crankshaft run more perfect.
The crankshaft is divided into bearing type and copper type. The bearing type adopts SKF bearing (Fig. 4). High quality bearing has low frictional resistance, sufficient lubrication, high speed and flexible operation, stable and long-lasting product precision, strong comprehensive performance, but bearing damage. The replacement cost is high. The copper tile adopts the sliding bearing copper tile, which has large impact bearing force, long service life and low maintenance cost. (figure 1)


Clamp part

Clamp part:The clamp system is mainly used to transport the product from the previous mold to the next mold opening, and then push the product into the next mold through the front punch. Clamps are used to clamp the product and are safely transported to the next die port. If the process requires, the product needs to be turned 180°, and the clamp gear can be turned over. (Fig. 1,) (Fig. 2) The clamp of 8B-14B can be turned over from 90° to 180° to facilitate the process arrangement. For machines above 17B, we added a cylinder assist system, which makes it easier to pull up the clamp body. (image 3)


Top material part

Top material part:The top part of this part is mainly used for ejecting the blank formed in the mold. The crankshaft rotates to drive the top material frame, the top material frame drives the reset bolt, the reset bolt tops the rod sleeve, and the rear punch rod on the rod sleeve is ejected. Mold) push the product out of the mold. (Fig. 1) (Fig. 2) The lifting screw and the reset bolt can be adjusted to adjust the distance of the ejection. The back punch on the rod sleeve is used to mount the rear punch.

Power unit

Power unit:The power component supplies power to the cold heading machine, the motor drives the flywheel through the belt, and then the flywheel drives the crankshaft to rotate, and then the machine forms a series of linkages.

Wire frame parts

Wire frame parts:On the wire material discharging rack, the cold heading machine is fed, and high-quality bearings are selected to ensure the long-term rotation of the material rack, and the raw materials of the machine are given.

Elephant trunk

Elephant trunk:The elephant trunk part is used to thread the wire into the machine and initially straighten the bent wire.